How to update Neo Matrix and ProAmp firmware

Modified on Fri, 19 Nov 2021 at 02:38 PM

If you wish to update the firmware of your Neo Matrix or ProAmp you can do this by logging into Cloud Monitoring. Please ask your local distributor or sales agent to issue you with an installer ID and User Auth Code if have not been given a Cloud Monitoring login yet.

To update your product simply click on 'My Products' and locate the Video Matrix or ProAmp you wish to update.

On the left hand side you'll see 'Updates'

Click here and you'll see what firmware the unit is currently on (circled in orange), as well as a drop down with a list of available firmware for this particular unit. If you wish to change the firmware simply select the firmware you'd like the matrix to take from the dropdown. When the unit next phones home (this occurs once an hour) the unit will download the firmware and apply it. Please be aware that the unit will reboot as part of the updating process. 

Important Please Note!

If your unit is on an older firmware and you are trying to update it we would advice not to jump to the newest update if your current firmware is more than two versions old. Please do not update more than two available versions in one go. Once the newer firmware has been applied you can then progress to the next one.

For example: If your firmware is on 3.1, we would advice updating to 3.3, then 3.5 rather than going straight from 3.1 to 3.5

To clarify this is no more than 2 available versions. For example it is safe to update from 3.5 to 3.9 as 3.6-3.8 was not officially released and therefore will not cause any issues to your update.

If you wish for the update to apply to the unit sooner rather than waiting for the unit to next phone home, you can 'send a monitoring pulse' by logging into and sending the Pulse from the Cloud Connection menu on the left once you have logged into the admin section. (Please consult your Pulse-Eight installation guide for the password if you have not accessed this area before)

Pressing 'send monitoring pulse now' will get the unit to phone home now and the update will apply momentarily.

Alternatively you can contact Pulse-Eight support who offer 24 hour support Monday-Friday and they can apply the firmware update for you.


Please DO NOT turn off or reboot your unit or the network connection whilst the update is applying. The unit will reboot itself as part of the process. If the unit loses power or network connection during the update this could cause the update to fail or lose it's existing firmware.


If you'd like more information on firmware updates you can find Firmware Release Notes here.



The update is not applying:

  1. Ensure the Unit is turned on and online as well as the web browser you are accessing Cloud Monitoring on
  2. The unit will only take the update when it next 'phones home'. This occurs once an hour so please wait at least an hour for the update to apply. Alternatively you can push the update by accessing (instructions in step by step above) or contacting Pulse-Eight support. If you reach out to support please have the serial number of the unit to hand to speed up the process.
  3. If after an hour the unit still has not updated and you have ensured the unit and your browser are online please feel free to open a ticket with Pulse-Eight support who can look into the issue for you.

The update has applied but now my unit is not booting

  1. Please reach out to Pulse-Eight support who can look into the issue for you. Please have the serial number of the unit to hand to speed up the process. 

Please note if the 'System Health' light on the front of the matrix is pulsing green/yellow this means the update is currently applying. Please be patient and wait for the update to apply before reaching out to support or rebooting your system.

(If you are looking to upgrade your Pulse-Eight ProAudio you can find the latest firmware on our website here. This is not something that can be actioned through Cloud Monitoring.) 



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