Firmware Update for ProAmp8

Firmware changes for ProAmp8. 

Version 3.7.10: 

Main Changelog: 

  • New linking feature, allowing the user to link a ProAmp to a video matrix, e.g., a neo:X. Please go through the Linking your ProAmp to a Neo Matrix solution for more information about the feature. Make sure both neo:X+ and the ProAmp8 are connected to the local network. The system needs to detect each other to make the linking possible.

  • Restore Volume on start-up toggle so that when ProAmp8 is rebooted it retains the current volume settings. 

  • Network and other software stabilisation improvements. 
  • Various bug fixes: serial, web UI, volume setting via 3rd party control system. 

Important Notes: 

• Updating from 3.5 will result in all settings being cleared

Please note: You may need to clear the cache for your web browser in order to see the latest firmware features on after installing this update.  


To download the latest firmware click here. This will take you to our Cloud Monitoring site, simply login with your installer account, click on 'My Products' select the product you wish to update and click 'Updates' and select the version you'd like to apply. The update will apply when the unit next 'phones home' (this occurs once per hour) and the unit will reboot as part of this process.