3.9.36 Firmware Update - All Video Matrix, Splitters & ProAmp8

Modified on Thu, 07 Apr 2022 at 11:39 AM

3.9.36 Firmware Update

This firmware is available for the following products:

  • neo:X+
  • neo:X
  • neo:8A
  • neo:8 FF
  • neo:6A
  • ProAmp8



  • (All products) Fall back to TCP port 6000 for web services if port 80 can't be accessed
  • (All products) Attempt to shut down the system gracefully when a power fault is detected
  • (neo:X, neo:X+) Delay unmuting for 10s after the TV powers on when ARC is configured
  • (All products) Improved network performance


  • (All products) CEC auto-pause didn't trigger in some cases
  • (All products except neo:X+, neo:X) Saving port details resulted in an error message on non-neo:X boards. Saving did work.
  • (All products) Pronto IR codes weren't displayed correctly in 3.9.25
  • (All products) Web services sometimes didn't get restarted after the network connection dropped and was restored
  • (neo:X, neo:X+) Optical ARC could not be enabled if CEC support was turned off
  • (neo:X, neo:X+) Audio dropped briefly when switching video sources while audio is in source mode
  • (All products) Background led wouldn't fade to 0
  • (All products) Web client error handling: cloud and phone home would sometimes stop working if the service couldn't be reached
  • (neo:X, neo:X+ & ProAmp8) Amp sometimes wouldn't mute audio when the TV got turned off
  • (All products) LG: no longer switches to another input after powering on. the device menu sometimes didn't select the correct source
  • (neo6a) A warning "Not all modules populated" was always displayed
  • (All products) Some edge case crashes

Please note: You may need to clear the cache for your web browser in order to see the latest firmware features after installing this update.

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