3.9.25 Firmware Update - Video Matrix & Splitters (3.9.29 for 8A & 6A)

Modified on Thu, 07 Apr 2022 at 11:40 AM

This firmware is available for the following products:

  • neo:X+
  • neo:X
  • neo:8A (please note this is 3.9.29 for the Neo 8A and 6A)
  • neo:8 FF
  • neo:6A (please note this is 3.9.29 for the Neo 8A and 6A)
  • neo:4 Professional
  • neo:4 Basic
  • neo 1-4 HDMI Splitter
  • neo 1-4 HDBT Splitter


New Features:


  • (All video matrix product) Support for generating Pronto IR codes from received IR signals
  • (All video matrix product) Offline firmware upgrades (/admin/upgrade.htm). Note: Cannot be used to upgrade devices on older firmware versions. Please contact support@pulse-eight.com if you'd like to use this feature.
  • (neo:X & neo:X+) Setting to prevent auto-muting DSP while an audio input is selected




  • (neo:X & neo:X+) API command: Only enable 'always embed' support after calling /audio/enable_always_embed/true once
  • (neo:X & neo:X+ when used with a Proamp8) Do not mute the amp when a TV powers off, but wait for the volume status update (radio mode)




  • (neo:X & neo:X+ when used with a Proamp8) Dolby treble setting would get reset to -12dB after powering on the TV in some cases
  • (neo:X & neo:X+ when used with a Proamp8) Pressing volume down would mute audio the first time it is pressed after powering on the tv
  • (neo:X & neo:X+ when used with a Proamp8) Audio would mute briefly after powering on the TV
  • (All products) Corrected logging line when enabling/disabling mirroring
  • (All products) Logging could sometimes get corrupted while adding new data
  • (All products) Routing changes could fail if there was a problem with CEC on an output bay
  • (All products) Offline firmware upgrade files sometimes got rejected as invalid incorrectly
  • (All products) Reboot button in the admin web interface did not work
  • (All products) Hidden flag could not be cleared
  • (All products) Log got cleared after rebooting in some cases
  • (All products) Update network led status correctly
  • (All products) Overall stability improvements
  • (All video matrix product) Audio inputs show items that do not apply
  • (neo:X & neo:X+) HDBaseT link test failed on first load
  • (neo:X+) ARC activation issues: 
    • Matrix could route to ARC if the TV did not respond 
    • Log would say 'Inactive' if the logical address if the ARC source was not set yet 
    • Better checks for (de)activating ARC and reporting status 
  • (neo:X+) No more warnings when disabling ARC
  • (neo:X+) Disable ARC status when switching to another audio source
  • (neo:X+) Does not enable ARC when the TV powers on and an audio input is active
  • (neo:X+) LG would disable ARC again after power on
  • (neo:X+) Audio route was not restored when re-selecting the same video source while an audio input was selected
  • (neo:X & neo:X+) Audio embedding would not work if the HDMI output was switched to an input that didn't provide a video signal. Matrix will now switch video to another input, if available
  • (neo:X & neo:X+) Audio embedding sometimes got enabled when it shouldn't be enabled on HDMI outputs



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