This firmware is available for the following products:

  • ProAmp8 


New Features:


  • (All products) Offline firmware upgrades (/admin/upgrade.htm). Note: Cannot be used to upgrade devices on older firmware versions. Please contact if you'd like to use this feature.




  • (ProAmp8, when used with a neo:X & neo:X+) Does not mute the amp when a TV powers off, but waits for the volume status update (radio mode)




  • (ProAmp8, when used with a neo:X & neo:X+) Dolby treble setting would get reset to -12dB after powering on the TV in some cases
  • (ProAmp8, when used with a neo:X & neo:X+) Pressing volume down would mute audio the first time it is pressed after powering on the tv
  • (ProAmp8, when used with a neo:X & neo:X+) Audio would mute briefly after powering on the TV
  • (All products) Corrected logging line when enabling/disabling mirroring
  • (All products) Logging could sometimes get corrupted while adding new data
  • (All products) Routing changes could fail if there was a problem with CEC on an output bay
  • (All products) Offline firmware upgrade files sometimes got rejected as invalid incorrectly
  • (All products) Reboot button in the admin web interface did not work
  • (All products) Hidden flag could not be cleared
  • (All products) Log got cleared after rebooting in some cases
  • (All products) Update network led status correctly
  • (All products) Overall stability improvements