Using a Pulse-Eight Neo Matrix, & ProAudio (and ProAmp [optional]) together

Modified on Tue, 30 Mar 2021 at 11:48 AM

Please follow the steps below to maximize the potential of your products


If you are using a ProAmp please refer to the “Things to know before installing your new Pulse-Eight ProAmp” in addition to the following information in this solution, this details how to adjust your audio settings and ensure whatever you choose is saved as the new default.


Neo X+

Please note if you are using a NeoX+ you will need to change the Audio to be in Source mode, not Sink mode.


To do this login to and navigate to the admin area then to ‘Audio Control’ on the left. Please toggle the switch so that it is in Source Mode (see picture below)


If using a Control System with your Pulse-Eight Matrix, ProAudio (and ProAmp [optional]):

Ensure your Matrix is in Source Mode. The Neo6A & 8A only has this mode, The NeoX+ will need to have this setting changed. Please see previous instruction on how to amend this.


When using a control system, it must be told that the audio coming from the Neo Matrix is no longer associated with the video coming from the Matrix. This is done by carefully binding the analogue inputs of the ProAudio switch to the analogue outputs of the sources that are connected to the Neo Matrix (therefore bypassing the Neo matrix outputs). This means the audio outputs are now audio extractors connected to the HDMI inputs and the control system must be made aware of that.


For example, if a Blu-Ray player is connected to Neo Matrixes HDMI input ‘1’, then the control system must be setup so the ProAudio’s input that is connected to the Neo Matrixes analogue output ‘1’, is bound to the analogue outputs of the Blu-ray player – not the Neo Matrix.


If your source does not have analogue outputs. The control system usually knows that this is an issue and supplies analogue outputs to the driver for some products that do not have analogue outputs. For instance, AppleTV’s do not have analogue outputs, but their drivers do.


If a HDMI Source does not have analogue outputs, and the driver has not simulated them, then a virtual HDMI audio extractor must be added in front of the Neo Matrix to represent what it is doing internally. The ProAudio’s audio input must be bound to the audio output of the virtual HDMI Audio extractor.

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