ProAudio: Doorbell Setup

Modified on Tue, 15 Jun 2021 at 01:04 PM

If the driver, for your controller, has no support for setting up the doorbell / paging feature, you will need to send the following commands to setup the switch. This is done using PuTTY (or some other terminal program) and connecting through the serial port or TCP/IP. Unless your controller has a way of sending ASCII strings to the switch, in which case you can send them as part of an initialisation string.

To connect through the serial port, using these parameters:

    Baudrate: 19200

    Databits, Parity, Stopbits: 8, none, 1

    Handshake: none

To connect through the TCP/IP port:

    IP Address: Determined by scanning your network or getting it from your controller.

    Port: 50005

The commands that need to be sent to the switch are: 

    ^pASZ 1,@1:16,15$    :    sets all zones to source 15 during page (the door chime). Change the 15 to a different source if you like

    ^pVPZ 1,@1:16,40$    :    sets all paging volume levels to 40% (you can change this)

    ^pVMZ 1@1:16,0$      :    make sure all zones come on during page by un-muting them

    ^pDSW 1,1,1$        :    indicate you wish to use the DB1 connections (on the back of the ProAudio) to trigger page 1, and that it stays on for as long as the trigger is active.

To temporarily remove a zone from paging (like the kids room when the baby is sleeping) you can send a do-not-disturb command:

    ^pADNDZ 1,@5,1$    :    do not disturb zone 5, (change 5 to whatever zone you want)

    ^pADNDZ 1,@5,0$    :    re-enable zone 5

When all is set and done, send this command to back-up the settings in case of a power failure:

    ^SS 4096$

If your controller allows sending ASCII strings, instead running wire to the back of the switch, another easy way of triggering a page is to send:

    ^pSET 1$    :    trigger page 1 (the one we've setup)

    ^pSET 0$    :    turn off page and go back to normal

Or you can send:

    ^pSET 1,4000$    :    to ring the doorbell for 4 seconds (the 4000 is given in milliseconds, change as needed)

After 4 seconds the paging will automatically revert back to normal mode and you don't need to send the "^pSET 0$" command.

It may be easier to send these commands than doing a whole contact wiring setup.

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