Blank Picture but Resolution Displayed on Screen

Modified on Tue, 16 May 2023 at 02:25 PM

If you cannot get a picture on your screen but the screen displays what the resolution is (e.g 4K 4:4:4) the issue could be that the Transmitter and Receiver are on incompatible firmware.

In order to resolve this please follow the appropriate instructions below:

If you have a Neo X, NeoXSR, NeoXMR or NeoX+ Matrix:

If you experience this symptom in order to resolve it you will need to update the firmware on either the receiver or the transmitter (whichever one is out of date). 

To perform this upgrade you will need to have a NeoX, NeoXSR, NeoXMR or NeoX+. If you do not have either of these products please refer to the applicable instruction below.

In order to resolve the issue please follow the steps below:

        1. Please make sure there is stable network connection and that the HDBaseT connection to the receiver is 'Good'. If the link drops, it will go back to base mode. You have to continuously try again and again to re-upgrade.
        2. The next step is you will need to enable the upgrade. On a browser that is on the same network as the matrix please input the following (amend the IP address to your IP address of course!)


        3. Once the matrix has been enabled to upgrade the hardware you'll see the following message

        4. When you can see this please navigate back to (login to the admin area once again) and go to Hardware details.

        5. You will then see a green 'update' button next to the ports that are eligible for an update. This will be located next to the transmitter(s) or receiver(s) depending on which one needs the upgrade.

      6. Simply click update and the Transmitter/Receiver will download an update.

If you are using another Matrix (e.g Neo8A, or Neo 4 Professional)

Please contact customer support who can check the firmware of your transmitters (within the matrix), and receivers attached to the matrix. If the units are on a matching firmware they will proceed to troubleshoot your issue. If they are on mismatched firmware's they will raise an RMA to get the older product back (either the receiver of the matrix), so we can get this updated for you and resolve your issue. Or if you are still within the advanced replacement period of your policy, we will replace the unit with the 'older' firmware.

If you are using an Extender Set (Lite, Pro or Ultra)

Please contact Customer Support who will raise an RMA to get this resolved for you. Depending on where you are within your warranty period this will be a repair or replacement. Please ensure you have checked that the resolution and distance you are sending is supported by the Extender Set you are using.

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