There is a HDMI timing issue with these models (and potentially others) which cause a blank screen to appear when connecting to a HDBaseT receiver. 

This is a general incompatibility issue with HDBaseT technology and not specific to Pulse-Eight.

We are working with LG to resolve this issue, but as yet do not have an update on when a software fix will be made available

Reported models with known issues: UH6500, UH668V, UH750V, UH652V, 55UH850V, OLED55E6V, 49UH661V


So far, the most successful workaround to this is to install a P8-HDMIDAC between the HDBaseT receiver and TV. Below are a few possible solutions that were reported to work on certain models:

1) Update TV frmware to latest version.

(15/7/2016 Update: Version 3.20.00 or newer has been reported to fx some models but has not worked on all TV models. We have informed LG of this problem)

2) Try connecting to a different HDMI input port on the TV 

3) Connect a HDMI Splitter between the output of our Receiver and input of the TV.