Pulse-Eight Extender Set not working

Modified on Fri, 30 Jul 2021 at 10:59 AM

If you have a Pulse-Eight Neo Lite, Pro or Ultra Extender Set and you are experiencing a loss of picture, audio, IR or CEC we would advice going through the following troubleshooting to see if you can resolve the issue. If the issue persists after going through these tips please reach out to Pulse-Eight directly or the place you purchased the extender set from.

If your issue is with ARC (Audio Return Channel) please be aware only the Ultra Extender Set supports ARC.

  1. Double check the source is sending a resolution that is compatible with the Extender Set (green):
  1. Check that the TV supports the resolution being sent from the source/lite extender set (green)
  2. Confirm the distance of the cable run (both HDBT and HDMI) do not exceed the supported length (yellow)
  3. Check the LED Status Lights and confirm the unit has power and a video link is connected (the illustrations below portray a lite extender set but you will find the same lights on the same ports on the Pro and Ultra Extender Sets)

  • The Yellow LED will illuminate when connected to a video link.

  • The Green LED will illuminate when the device is connected to the power supply.

If you are having issues with IR double check the IR activity on the IR Indicator LEDs:

  • The Receiver's LED will flash Green when IR signals are being received.

  • The Transmitter's LED will flash Red when IR signals are being sent.

        5. Drop the resolution of the source to the lowest compatible resolution for the lite extender set and the TV (usually                     720p or 1080p) also amend the audio to the standard 2 channel audio and not 5.1 or 7.1 – reboot the transmitter.

        6. Try another Source and Sink (again make sure the resolution is compatible with the Extender set and the Sink)

        7. Replace the HDMI cable – reboot the transmitter

        8. Reterminate/replace the HDBT cable – reboot the transmitter

        9. If possible try another receiver in the extender set to narrow the issue down to the receiver or transmitter

       10. If possible try another transmitter in the extender set to narrow the issue down to the receiver or transmitter

       11. Reterminate the HDBT Cable using a different crimping tool if possible. Ensure EZ Crimps are not being used.

       12. If the issue persists please return to the place of purchase, please ensure you have the serial numbers of both the                   receiver and the transmitter to hand as these will be required.

If you are using an Ultra Extender Set and trying to get 1080p at a distance in excess of 100m please contact Pulse-Eight or the place of purchase. Ultra Extender Sets requiring a distance in excess of over 100m require a small modification and is available upon request at point of purchase.

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