Updating Pulse-Eight Video Matrix or ProAmp Firmware Offline

Modified on Wed, 01 Sep 2021 at 11:50 AM

Please be aware the following instructions will require your unit to be on firmware 3.9.12 (or newer). If your unit is on an older firmware than that, you will need to update the firmware to 3.9.12 (or later) ONLINE before the offline option becomes available to you. We're really sorry for this inconvenience but this feature was only enabled when firmware 3.9.12 was introduced.

You will need to contact Pulse-Eight customer support to obtain the firmware you wish to download. Please contact support@pulse-eight.com and provide your units serial number so we can provide the correct firmware to apply to your unit.


Instructions once you have obtained the firmware to apply from Pulse-Eight Support:


1. Double click on PulseEight.DiscoveryTool.exe and wait for the unit to be detected. If you do not have the Discovery Tool installed on your PC you can find it attached to this article (scroll down)


2. (optional) a popup will be displayed once if multiple units are found on the network, to select the correct device



3. Click on Restore Firmware in the main window. This button will only appear when the device is running a compatible firmware version, that can accept offline upgrades. If the device returns a firmware version older than 3.9.12, or if the bootloader is active and the main software isn't running, than the button will not show up.



4. A new window will appear. Click on Select File and select the .p8b file that was given by customer support.



5. Click on Restore Firmware and wait for the process to complete. This can take up to 5 minutes. The device will reboot shortly after the upload process completed.


First the firmware is uploaded.


Then the firmware is installed. The dots at the end of the Status line will update every ~500ms while the device is checking the firmware (device responds to pings) and once per second while the device is writing to flash memory and rebooting (device doesn't respond to pings).



The tool will report that the upgrade completed when the device responds to pings and API commands again.



6. The new firmware version will appear in the Status line and main window if the upgrade completed successfully. If not, check the bottom of /system/errorlog for details.


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