When you have installed the ProAmp in your setup you will need to access gotomymatrix.com to adjust the Audio settings for the Amp.


Once you have amended the Audio within GoToMyMatrix you will need to ‘save’ the settings you have chosen. To do this go to ‘Cloud Connection’ on the left, and then select ‘admin’ at the bottom and proceed to login.

To save the volumes you have setup you will need to toggle the ‘Restore Volume On Startup’ option at the bottom of the configuration page. Failure to do this will mean that the ProAmp restores its volume settings to the volumes it left the factory with. If you cannot see this toggle your firmware may be older than 3.7. Please update the ProAmp firmware or contact Pulse-Eight support to get the unit updated for you.


If you are using Dolby Mode you will need to ‘save changes’ whenever you change anything in the Dolby Audio menu.