Pulse-Eight Matrix or ProAmp having issues connecting to cloud

Modified on Thu, 29 Apr 2021 at 12:04 PM

If your Pulse-Eight Matrix or ProAmp is having issues connecting to the network please follow the troubleshooting steps below to identify why the unit is going online. 

  • Confirm there a good stable internet on the premises
  • Is there any firewall that blocks http port 80 connections to our server?
  • Open command prompt on your PC. Then type in ping update.pulse-eight.com -t this is to check that the unit can connect to our server. If you see a reply (similar to the picture below) then it means the network can communicate with our cloud and the network is not blocking the connection to the cloud. If you do not get a reply or get another message as your response there could be an issue with your network blocking the connection and you will need to resolve this to get the unit to connect to our server

If using a static IP address (in addition to the troubleshooting listed above):

Confirm the static IP address is within the range that’s reserved in the router, so the router doesn’t generate any conflicts. If you're unsure if there is a conflict you can follow this simple test to check:

  • Find out the IP address of the unit. You will then need to open command prompt on your PC and enter the following command (you will need to edit the IP address [in red] to the IP address of your unit)

                                                                                        ping -t

  • You will then see the unit respond (like the example below)
  • Please leave this to continue pinging. Once you're happy that it's pinging (like above) turn the Pulse-Eight unit off.

  • If there is no IP clash you'll get a message like this: (timed out)
  • However if it continues to ping whilst the matrix is off it means another device is using that IP address and causing the issue. You then need to locate that device and reassign either the Pulse-Eight unit or that device's IP so they do not clash.

If you have gone through these steps and still cannot connect to the cloud you are more than welcome to reach out to Pulse-Eight support for further assistance.

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