How do I perform a factory reset on a Pulse-Eight Video Matrix or ProAmp?

Modified on Wed, 14 Jun 2023 at 02:33 PM

There is a factory reset button available on Neo4:Professional, Neo8, Neo8A, NeoX, NeoX+, Neo XMR, Neo XSR & ProAmp8. If you need to factory reset a Neo Modular please look here.

Please only perform a factory reset under the direction of Customer Support. Listed below there are two ways to Factory Reset a Matrix. If the first method does not work, please proceed to try the second method.

Factory resetting is useful when you don't know the IP address of the matrix and wish to set it to DHCP again.

Please be aware that performing this process will take the unit back to Factory Settings. You will lose any settings you have applied to the Matrix or any names you have applied to Inputs and Outputs for example.

Method 1:

To perform a factory reset please ensure the Matrix is turned on and connected to a stable network connection (If possible we would advice connecting the matrix directly to the router and not having the matrix go through any switches for this process).

We would also advice disconnecting everything connected to the Matrix with the exception of the network cable and the power cable!

Once all cables have been disconnected and the Matrix is turned on, put a pin in the hole (see photo below of location) and hold it there until the lights go out on the Matrix. The Matrix will reboot with factory settings. 

On Neo4 Professional, it is on the rear of the unit:

If you cannot see the hole there, you may have an older version of the Neo 4 Professional. You will find the hole located on the underside of the unit (see photo below):

On the NeoX, NeoX+, Neo8, Neo8A and Neo6A it is on the rear of the unit, near the IR global and control jacks

On the ProAmp8 it is on the rear of the unit, next to the Dolby Audio Input.

Method 2:

(Method 2 is only compatible with units manufactured since 2020):

  1. Please hold in the pin in the hole for factory reset. 
  2. Then turn off the matrix using the switch. Continue to hold the pin in the hole. 
  3. Then turn the matrix back on (whilst still holding the pin). 
  4. Within 10 seconds the unit will enter the factory reset (you will see the lights on the front of the unit change) at this point you can release the pin.

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