Configuring your Pulse-Eight Matrix with Crestron Home

Modified on Thu, 12 Aug 2021 at 12:20 PM


This driver has been designed to allow a Crestron Home system to communicate with the video matrix to allow brief monitoring, configuration, and maintenance.


1. Go to and login with your installer ID. If you do not have an installer ID please get in touch with your Pulse-Eight representative or Pulse-Eight directly.

2. Once logged in please hover over the ‘Documentation & Drivers’ tab at the top, then navigate your mouse down to the  ‘Crestron Home’ section.

3. Select the driver for the model you're configuring and download.



Before the Matrix can be configured as a device within Crestron Home, it must be “sideloaded” into Crestron Home. To side-load the Driver you will need to copy the driver package file to your Crestron Home processor, we advise you use Crestron Toolbox for this process.

Please place the Pulse-Eight Creston Home Driver into the following folder: 


Once the driver has been side-loaded it will appear in the Import file as shown below:

To attach the driver to the project simply follow the steps below.

In the Pair Devices section of the Crestron Home configuration please select Drivers, and then the device type. For the Pulse-Eight Neo Matrix please select “AV Switcher” when choosing the appropriate device type.

Once you have selected the device type, Crestron Home will locate the Driver you loaded into Crestron Toolbox earlier and input it into the processor for you. Please click on ‘TCPClient’ and you will then be prompted to rename the Matrix and input its IP address.

To locate the IP address for your Neo Matrix please open a new browser on a device that is connected to the same network as your Matrix and Creston Home. On that browser navigate to this will bring up your Neo Matrix. The IP address will be present in the search bar. Please input this in the IP Address / Host Name box. The port will be Port 80.

Your Neo Matrix is now linked to Creston Home. Your final step will be configuring your inputs and outputs on Crestron Home.



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