Configuring your Pulse-Eight Matrix with Control4

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This driver has been designed to allow a Control4 system to communicate with the video matrix to allow brief monitoring, configuration, and maintenance.


1. Go to and login with your installer ID. If you do not have an installer ID please get in touch with your Pulse-Eight representative or Pulse-Eight directly.

2. Once logged in please hover over the ‘Documentation & Drivers’ tab at the top, then navigate your mouse down to                         the ‘Control 4’ section.

3. Select the driver for the model you're configuring and download.


1. Add the drivers by clicking on ‘Driver’ at the top, and then ‘Add or Update Driver’

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2. Click the Search tab on the right-hand side and search for the driver by the name, drag the driver from the Search window into the correct Room location.

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3. Click the Action tab in the matrix driver.

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4. Click the Discover button, then click back to the Properties tab

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5. (Orange) If Discovery was successful then the IP of the matrix should appear here. If not follow the steps in the new help                 window to complete IP address configuration

(Green) You can set your installer ID here, instead of navigating back to the matrixes web interface to do this. Before you complete your installation, it is important that you set your Installer Id. This value is used to register this system to your monitoring account so you can monitor and support the system remotely. On the properties tab enter your 4-digit Installer Id and click set. Setting this value will also trigger a Monitoring Pulse to be sent so it should appear in your account immediately.

(Blue) By default the matrix driver has enabled two-way feedback, to maintain state information with attached navigators (such as SR260) if you don’t require this feature, you can disable it here.

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6. Click on the Connections tab (bottom left) in Composer, select the matrix driver from the list on the Control/AV tab.

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7. Setting the connections is no different that any other driver, however ensure that the Inputs and Outputs match the physical                 wiring as per the matrix.

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8. Setup is now complete. You may need to restart the director for all changes to be applied correctly. However this is not                 commonly required.

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On the properties tab you can examine various core values about the system, these are read only and automatically updated every few seconds.

If something is not working correctly you can enable Log Mode, set this option to Print and the Log Level to 5 – Debug for maximum information.


There are currently three buttons available in ComposerPro for this driver:

  • Reboot System
    1. Restarts the system immediately, doing so will interrupt video routing briefly
  • Discover System
    1. Used to automatically discover the Device IP Address of the system where possible
  • Send Monitoring Pulse
    1. Trigger an immediate monitoring pulse to be sent, returning current system health data to

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