If you wish to have IR control of the source on a Television that is connected to one of the HDMI Outputs then you will need to use a Stereo to Stereo Optocable and an Extender Set (see below for port numbers for each Matrix). 

  • Neo 4 Pro: Outputs 5 & 6
  • Neo 6A: Outputs 7 & 8
  • Neo 8A: Outputs 9 & 10
  • Neo X: Outputs 9 & 10
  • Neo X+: Outputs 9 & 10

For IR passthrough and control with an extender set you can use a stereo to stereo optocable going between the transmitter of the extender set and the matrix. This will pass any IR commands sent down the extender set into the matrix and then onto the source or for routing control.

Simply connect the BLACK end of the Optocable to the IR port on the Matrix for the Output you wish to control.

Connect the GREY end of the Optocable to the TX port of the Transmitter of the Extender Set.

Please note: Unless you are using a B&O Television you do not need to use the additional jack that comes with the Optocable.

You will still need to apply the IR Receiver bud (pictured below) as normal between the TV and the Receiver (RX Port).

You can purchase additional IR buds here.

You can purchase stereo-stereo opto-cables here.