For below commands:
{device} = TV name that is set on the video routing page

{input} = Input name that is set on the video routing page


On and off:

Alexa, turn on {device}
Alexa, turn off {device}


Alexa, turn on {input} on {device}

Sky IP control:

Alexa, change Channel to {channel Name/channel Number} on {device}

Volume control:

Alexa, volume up/down by {value} on {device}

Media control:

Alexa, pause on {device}
Alexa, stop on {device}
Alexa, play on {device}

Note for naming TVs and inputs:

Please name TVs as "Bedroom TV"  or "Lounge TV" instead of "TV Bedroom" or "TV 1" etc.

Please name sources as "Main Sky" or "Primary DVD" instead of "Sky 1" or "Sky 2" etc.

The reason is, Alexa picks up the first few syllables of speech and decides what is being said based on that. To Alexa, "TV 1" sounds very similar to "TV 2" because the differentiating syllable is at the end of the statement. Therefore Alexa may not be able to distinguish the two statements.

However, "Bedroom TV" and "Lounge TV" sounds very different to Alexa because the first few syllables are different, thus making it easy for Alexa to distinguish between the two statements.