Reported affected models: Panasonic Ex700 and EX750 

Problem: There is an issue with pink hue overlay when TV has been in suspended or sleep overnight and then is turned on. 

In some cases it is enough to do a routing change to fix this issue temporarily.


To reproduce the issue, we used a 1080p apple tv. Switch off the TV using remote for 3-5 mins then power on.

We tried all the combinations of HDR and mode setting and found that HDMI HDR Setting -on and HDMI Auto Setting - Mode 1 seems to stop this from happening.

Other settings we have on our tv but not sure if they make a difference:

Tested using HDMI 1

HDMI Content type- Graphics

HDMI EOTF Type – Auto

HDMI RGB Range - Auto

Off Timer- Off

Auto Standby- Off

No signal Power off – Off

Alternate workaround:

One fix is to turn off HDR settings.

Go into "menu"

select "Setup" tab

- scroll down until you see "HDMI HDR setting"

- turn off. 

In the description of this settings it is even stated "If the picture does not look normal, then turn off this setting"