To find the Control4 Driver for the Neo6A or Neo8A please login to Cloud Monitoring and download the Neo8 Control4 Driver (please note that it is the same driver for the Neo8 Neo6A and Neo8A). If you do not have access to Cloud Monitoring please contact Pulse-Eight directly or your Distributor where you purchased your unit from. 

The Neo6A & 8A have audio breakouts and as such don't support routing of the audio break out. They are fixed as source audio extraction. There is no matrixing for the Audio breakouts, they are matched to the HDMI inputs. So for example the video input for HDMI 3 will mirror to audio output 3. This is not switchable or controllable. 

If you wish to use the Audio breakouts with Control4 you will need to map the audio to the source, and map the video to the outputs. You can map the audio to source by downloading the relevant Control4 Driver for the source device (i.e the Apple TV driver), or creating your own custom Control4 Driver for the source.

For further information on installing your Neo6A or 8A you can find the Installation Guides here.