1) Opto cable - (White Mono End) Connect to Control 4 -  IR port

2) Black end which is Stereo connected to the - Input on the matrix- Port  

3) IR emitter plugin into  (Tx) On the Receiver 

                                                               (IR Emitter) (TX Port on the right side)

This is an EA Control ( See the diagram on where is the IR port for the Control 4)

(L) IR  3.5 mm jacks for up to eight IR emitters or for

a combination of IR emitters and serial devices. Ports 1 and 2 can

be configured independently for serial control or for IR control. See“Setting up IR emitters” 

Attention : 

Always use an Opto Mono-Stereo cable to connect control 4 with our Pulse eight matrix. And also the Opto  Mono-Stereo cable must be the Pulse eight brand. This is to avoid any circuit or burn the IR board.
Thank you!